The Tea Party-Birther-Republican Connection

Birthers, Tea Partyers, Republicans all share one goal: Portrary the president as un-American.

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Sign, signs. Everywhere signs.

When I saw the billboard that the Tea Partyers put up in Iowa with a picture of President Obama next to Lenin and Hitler, I thought of something that Chris Matthews has been saying on Hardball for the last few months.

The host of Hardball believes there is a concerted attempt by the GOP and the Tea Party to make the case that Barack Obama isn’t a real American. The signs are all around us.

First, there’s the Birther movement. There didn’t seem to be any concern during the 2008 presidential campaign that John McCain was born outside of the United States but conservatives were convinced that Barack Obama wasn’t. And if you thought that the controversy over the place of the president’s birth was a thing of the past, Sen. David Vitter of Louisiana said this week that Congress should investigate the matter. You would think a United States Senator from Louisiana would have more important things to worry about these days.

And then there are the critiques of the president’s domestic agenda. This is where Lenin comes in. I don’t even want to go near the Hitler comparison. House Republican Leader John Boehner once accused the president of trying to bring European style socialism to the United States. And of course, critics of healthcare reform said that the president was trying to import the Canadian and British style government run single payer system to the United States.

And finally, there were the Internet rumors that Barack Obama was a Muslim and the Fox News story that the President had attended a madrassa as a youth in Indonesia.

I could go on but I won’t because you get the picture and see the signs.

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