Weiner Is Too Liberal for the Big Apple

New York City doesn't need another Democratic mayor.

Then-Rep. Anthony Weiner, D-N.Y. walks to the elevator before a vote on Capitol Hill in 2011.
A new poll shows Weiner trailing City Council Speaker Christine Quinn for the Democratic nomination.

The last time New York City elected a Democrat mayor was in 1989 – that was David Dinkins, whose stint was an unmitigated disaster.

Since 1993, New York's mayors have been Rudy Giuliani, a Republican, and Mike Bloomberg, who won his first two terms as a Republican and last as an independent. The result has been a city which has blossomed, with crime plummeting, real estate prices rising and the standard of living on a steady upswing.

All this has been achieved while living, and persevering through, two major terrorist attacks, including 9/11 – the worst in our nation's history – a financial meltdown and numerous natural disasters, such as the recent Hurricane Sandy.

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Is anyone interested to going back to the days of David Dinkins? Not this New Yorker. The current Democrat field is a dream of the labor unions. From the anointed favorite Christine Quinn to Bill de Blasio to Anthony Weiner, the Democrat candidates make David Dinkins seem like a moderate.

Specifically, Anthony Weiner has been getting press due to attempting a comeback from his scandal, but that is not the reason he should not be mayor. The reason is that his views are, and policies will be, too left for New York.

New York City is a beacon and symbol for the rest of the country. In order to keep that symbol status and to stay on the right path, it is vital that New Yorkers continue the Democrats' mayoral drought.

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