Republicans Can't Forget the Economy

Scandals provide good fodder for the GOP, but it can't forget about fixing unemployment.


The federal government and the media spent the last week digging through the myriad of scandals that besiege President Obama and his White  House. And it is undeniably important to delve deeply into the issues of Benghazi, the Internal Revenue Service and the Justice Department seizing the Associated Press' phone records. The GOP has been strong in outlining the pattern of government overreach, incompetence and cover-up.

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Specifically, the actions of the IRS are most troubling. The fact that America's tax police threw impartiality to the wind in order to target and harass groups and individuals who subscribe to conservative beliefs is an egregious affront to American values.

The party of business does need to remember, though, that as important as unearthing misdeeds is, putting the country on the right track economically is as, if not more, vital. Gross Domestic Product growth is still crawling and real unemployment is hovering between 13 percent and 15 percent. Americans are looking for leaders that will pull the country out of the economic quagmire in which it continues to be stuck.

The GOP has an opportunity for significant victories in elections at all levels over the next several years as long as it combines oversight with action and forward-thinking on the economy.

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