Democratic Scandals, Republican Opportunities

The GOP should lead a measured investigation into each one of the sordid messes in which Obama is engulfed.

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This is NOT a good week for President Obama as he juggles a full house of scandals.

In no particular order, the president is faced with: the Internal Revenue Service targeting conservative groups, fallout from the terrorist attack on the U.S. ambassador and personnel in Benghazi, Libya, tracking of AP phone records, and last, but definitely not least, the alleged solicitation of private funds by Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius for the implementation of Obamacare from entities the department is actually supposed to oversee.

This is an impressive list of dirty laundry and the GOP is understandably active and vocal in its criticism.

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Nonetheless, let us also be careful not to step on our own toes. It is possible that during the investigation of any of the above, or any other, potential misdeeds by the president and/or his staff or appointees, an impeachable offense is found and the president is removed from office or is forced to resign in disgrace. However, based on the fact that no president has ever been removed from office and only one resigned, that is an unlikely result.

What is entirely possible, though, is to tie the word Democrat with the word scandal and make Barack Obama as much of an asset to the Democrat candidate for president in 2016 as Bill Clinton was to Al Gore in 2000. To achieve that, the GOP should lead a measured investigation into each one of the sordid messes in which Obama is engulfed and, only once the facts are clear, use them to their full political effect.

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