The 2016 GOP All-Star Team

Republicans have the talent, but can they put a strong game plan together?

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It is a gorgeous day in May and a good time to muse about the future – specifically, Republicans' future chances to win back the White House.

The GOP race for the nomination is already heating up. New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is making news with his policies on Hurricane Sandy and education, as well his politics – declaring this week "I'm a Damn Good Republican" – and his weight loss surgery, which humanizes his struggles. Sen. Marco Rubio, R–Fla., is making a big splash on immigration, the single biggest issue where Republicans have a chance to lead. Sen. Rand Paul, R–Ky., is filling his schedule with stops in Iowa and New Hampshire.

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There you have the GOP frontrunners for the 2016 nomination, with just a measly three and a half years left until the election.

Add to the mix former Gov. Jeb Bush, Gov. Scott Walker, as well as a dark horse or two and the result is a very strong Republican field to go up against a Hillary Clinton or a Joe Biden. If the GOP were a sports team, analysts would say that we have the right players and now need to implement a winning strategy.

That strategy is a dogged concentration on solutions ranging from the economy to immigration to healthcare – and an alternative to ObamaCare would be a good start.

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