GOP Minority Outreach Hits Some Bumps in the Road

The GOP has bungled a bit in its minority outreach, buts its nothing some new ideas can’t fix.

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This author has been pushing since 2008 for the Republican Party to go back to its roots as a "big tent" institution. Instead, the party has continued to alienate whole swaths of the electorate. In the 2012 elections, the GOP was trounced in African American, Asian and Hispanic voting blocks, specifically by a three to one margin among Hispanics.

Recognizing this failure to reach vital pockets of voter, the GOP has been on a concerted push to bring a larger percentage of minorities into the fold. The idea is absolutely the right one. However, the execution has to also be correct, and it has been anything but smooth up to this point.

Just a few examples of the mistaken approach were Sen. Rand Paul's, R-Ky., off key speech at Howard University and certain GOP messaging on immigration (self –deportation does not have a nice ring to it).

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The GOP is far from being alone in, at times, striking the wrong chord while pushing to attract a specific portion of the population to its side or product. The same happens in the business community. In particular, PepsiCo's Mountain Dew online commercial drew ire this week both for its portrayal of battered women and African-Americans.

Pepsi will now undoubtedly bring in a professional media and advertising firm to deal with, and minimize, the fall out, as well as get itself back on the right track with its target purchasing groups.

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The GOP should do the same. In scanning the marketplace, it becomes very clear that assistance is widely available.  We are the business party, so let us act like a business and utilize those trained and experienced in reaching certain audiences.

From Casanova Pendrill, to Findr Group, to InterTrend Communications, the GOP has a wide choice of multicultural and minority focused professionals who can help the party enlarge that voting tent the right way and avoid embarrassing miscues in getting there.

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