What the GOP Must Do About Sequestration

Republicans need to take the lead on further spending cuts.

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The sequester is here to stay ... sort of. President Obama, his team, and the folks on Capitol Hill are now in a full frenzy to come to an agreement to stop the feared sequester cuts, all $85 billion of them.

In reality, all sides should spend their time on working toward resolving the $845 billion deficit this country is expected to run this year and the $16.5 trillion debt we have on our hands. Yes, the sequester cuts are just that, cuts. They will cause for some to tighten the belt, but that is tightening from an increase in discretionary spending of over 33 percent since 2007.

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Moreover, last month saw the largest drop in income in the United States in 20 years. There is no question that this recovery is weak at best and nonexistent at worst, and overspending has done the same to the USA as steroids did to the MLB: damage.

From the GOP perspective, we are well positioned to take the lead on bringing this country back to prosperity. Step one is insisting that along with any further revenue President Obama seeks, over and above the approximately $800 billion already agreed to as part of the "fiscal cliff" negotiations, there are spending curbs larger then the $85 billion called for under the sequester.

It is now clear that this president likes to govern through brinksmanship, and as the discussions on the federal budget, debt ceiling, and immigration come to the forefront over the next few months, it is up to the Republicans to stand tall and make sure that this country inches away from insolvency.

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