A Snoozefest of a State of the Union

Obama hit the right notes on gun control, but the rest of the State of the Union was a recycling of his empty campaign promises

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The State of the Union has come and gone and two things are certain:

  1.  President Obama hit the right note on guns.
  2. The rest of the speech was a complete and utter snoozefest.
  3. Outside of the well placed emotional appeal on guns, the president embarked on a long laundry list of issues which was artful only in that it gave him the ability to say a lot without saying anything.

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    President Obama began the speech railing against the sequester—something he helped create as part of the debt ceiling deal. We then heard of program after program full of liberal ideals that will, wait for it, be completely free according to President Obama.

    Yes, President Obama did receive a bipartisan ovation on immigration, and in this day and age that is an achievement, but saying that we have to do something on immigration is not saying what it is we should do.

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    Now safely in his second term, Obama should have thrown caution and poll testing to the wind, and tried to inspire a country still stuck in a middling recovery (let's not forget, the GDP contracted in fourth quarter of 2012).

    Instead, we heard what could have been a stump speech in Akron, Ohio in October of 2012.

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