Gloria Borger

April 2007

Obama: 'I Can Only Lead With You'

Tuesday was the Washington meeting of the National Jewish Democratic Council, and the Democratic presidential candidates were eager to line up to court votes and financial support. But the one candidate these folks haven't heard much from before was Barack Obama, and he came–after his campaign ...

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Victims' Photos Make Tragedy Even Sadder

The news itself was hard enough. Unbelievable, unexplainable, and even then, incomprehensible.

But today was worse. That's because the pictures of those slain started to emerge. And not just serious photos, but photos of the Facebook variety. It was such a reminder that these were largely kids,

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Rutgers Women Should Be Heard, Not Used

Enough already. I'm tired of hearing Imus apologizing. I don't want to hear the word closure one more time. I understand that hip-hop recording artists say bad things, too. Yes, the culture is too coarse. Sure, we've moved forward in many ways, but not enough. Yes to all of that.

What I'm interested ...

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Rutgers Women Are Role Models

To finally watch the women of the Rutgers basketball team today was to put a face on the controversy over Don Imus's despicable comments. They were as classy as Imus was trashy: willing to meet with him, expressing their feelings, allowing us to understand why they are such winners. As someone ...

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Winning the Money Primary: More Vital Than Ever

It's startling, in a way, that a relatively unknown former governor of Massachusetts can raise $21 million in three months for a fledgling presidential campaign. Or that Hillary Rodham Clinton, who is very well known, can raise $26 million–and then transfer another $10 million from her Senate ...

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