Gloria Borger

Cheney's Furtiveness Has Gone Too Far

After living with the Bush administration for all these years, one notion has become unalterably clear: Vice President Dick Cheney likes to keep secrets. Even more than that, Cheney himself is a believer in the ultimate privacy of the executive branch. We have seen that over and over again with the ...

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Cheney, Dick

Libby Pardon: All But a Done Deal

I bet that now it's all but a done deal: a pardon for Lewis "Scooter" Libby. Today, in sentencing the vice president's former chief of staff to 2½ years in prison for his role in the CIA leak, Judge Reggie Walton really threw the book at him. "People who occupy these types of positions,

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Hillary Books: Worth a Read

So a holiday weekend approaches (translation: no news), and suddenly the contents of two books about Hillary Clinton are poured into a piece on the front page of the Washington Post. One book is by two former New York Times investigative reporters; the other is by Carl Bernstein, of Watergate fame.

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'Insider' McCain Punches Back

It's become a problem for John McCain in this presidential race: He's now too inside Washington, people say. He's gone Establishment. His support for the war is killing him with those independent voters he wants to attract. And now, his support of an immigration reform measure is hurting him with ...

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Bush in Passing Lane on Fuel Efficiency

So the White House—which has had a hard time lately with its image—has finally done something to applaud. The president wants to increase the fuel efficiency of the cars we drive and yesterday ordered up new rules governing that. That means something very simple: Automakers need to start producing ...

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A Royal Reprieve

Honestly, the queen could not have come to Washington at a better time. We are all completely worn out with the congressional tug of war over Iraq, and now it seems like the fight will go on at least through the summer. We haven't seen a lot else accomplished, even though the one instruction the ...

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Secret Talks Could Yield Immigration Reform

While the immigration rallies attract thousands, while those who rant against immigration attract their base voters, there are secret talks going on between the White House and Capitol Hill to actually get something done on immigration this year.

It's not an easy path, but given the fact that the ...

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Obama: 'I Can Only Lead With You'

Tuesday was the Washington meeting of the National Jewish Democratic Council, and the Democratic presidential candidates were eager to line up to court votes and financial support. But the one candidate these folks haven't heard much from before was Barack Obama, and he came–after his campaign ...

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Victims' Photos Make Tragedy Even Sadder

The news itself was hard enough. Unbelievable, unexplainable, and even then, incomprehensible.

But today was worse. That's because the pictures of those slain started to emerge. And not just serious photos, but photos of the Facebook variety. It was such a reminder that these were largely kids,

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