Hillary Books: Worth a Read

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So a holiday weekend approaches (translation: no news), and suddenly the contents of two books about Hillary Clinton are poured into a piece on the front page of the Washington Post. One book is by two former New York Times investigative reporters; the other is by Carl Bernstein, of Watergate fame. And, in unison, the HRC folks claim that the books are too boring for words--and what isn't boring is just wrong. Have a nice weekend.

How clever of the Hillary folks to leak the contents of the books and discredit them in one fell swoop.

Only it isn't that easy. We haven't actually read these books. And another is on the way. And none of these books is written by anything other than serious people. So while the Clinton people may be bored, we should actually pay attention. Because even if the Clintonistas know a lot about their candidate, the reporting in these tomes will tell us more: How does Clinton react under pressure? How did she behave during the Lewinsky mess? What is the real working relationship between the two Clintons? Why is she running for president? How authentic is she? And how ambitious?

These books will prove to be important because they are not written by those with ideological issues. They are by journalists who are trying to figure out what has happened in Clinton's life over the past few decades. Despite her own weighty tome about her life, Hillary Clinton is not a natural when it comes to talking about herself. She is not a confider in many people, for obvious reasons. So these reporters have spoken with those who worked with her--and what they have to say is certainly worth knowing.

I, for one, will try to read these books. Hillary Clinton wants to be the president of the United States. The more I can learn about her, the better. Her staff may be bored, but I'm not.