Gloria Borger

January 2007

What Was Hillary Thinking?

Hillary Clinton, in her Web announcement of a presidential exploratory committee (it's all the rage to do it that way), said she wanted to start a conversation with the American people. Fair enough. So she trekked off to chilly Iowa and started shaking hands, meeting with folks in town halls,

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Time Is Short for Bush

In a way, we were watching a very different president and Congress last night: a more subdued president, reaching out on a few domestic policy issues he knows may actually be doable (like immigration reform and energy conservation). And a president who clearly understands that the public and the ...

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Washington Wises Up to Corruption

A funny thing seems to be happening in Washington these days: Elected officials are wising up. In its much ballyhooed 100-hour agenda, the House passed a serious ethics reform measure ... and the Senate last night followed suit, passing a measure to reform lobbying and gift rules, with overwhelming ...

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Obama's Tough Haul

Here's one piece of unsolicited advice for Barack Obama: It will never get any better than this. Right now, you're the rock star, the guy who could possibly give Hillary Rodham Clinton a run for her (big) money, maybe even the first African-American president. And if elected president, there's one ...

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Surge Ignites Political Backfire

It was really an astonishing thing to watch. The president had just given his much-ballyhooed prime-time speech on Iraq, recommending an additional 20,000 or so troops, trying to reignite support for his Iraq policy. Instead, he sparked a bipartisan rebellion on Capitol Hill that hasn't been seen ...

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What if Iraq Doesn't Meet the Benchmarks?

It always happens this way in Washington: A policy gets hatched, it fails, then the leaders look for the best way to fix it. And that kind of change can be a good thing.

In the case of the Iraq war, it would be a very good thing. So all eyes will be on President Bush on Wednesday night as he calls ...

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Ford and the Lost Notion of Civility

I didn't know Gerald Ford. I didn't cover him, but I was an aspiring journalist when Ford did the unthinkable on Sept. 8, 1974: He pardoned Richard Nixon. At the time, like many of us–and most, it seems, of the American public–I thought it was a terrible idea. No man should be above the law, and ...

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