Gloria Borger

December 2006

Obama–the Generational Challenger

There's an interesting race shaping up in 2008, and it's not just between a bunch of candidates. It's going to be a generational race–between someone who is probably too young to be considered a baby boomer, Barack Obama, and the rest of the field. While he may technically be considered of that ...

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A Party Ready for Grim News

Everyone in Washington is wishing Sen. Tim Johnson of South Dakota the best. He was rushed to the hospital the other day with bleeding in the brain due to a rare congenital vessel malformation. He seems to be doing well, according to sketchy medical reports, though his prognosis remains muddy.

But ...

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Gates's Honest Answer on Iraq

It's not exactly good news, but it is refreshing to hear the nominee for defense secretary give an honest assessment of the war in Iraq. Sen. Carl Levin of Michigan, a Democrat, asked a point-blank question: Is the United States winning the war in Iraq? The point-blank answer: "No, sir." With that ...

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