Gloria Borger

October 2006

For GOP, Get-Out-the-Vote Plan May Be Too Little

The Washington Post/ABC News poll out today brings unhappy news for a Republican Party worried about retaining control of both houses of Congress. It seems, according to this survey, that the GOP is losing the voters both sides covet the most–independents. And they're not losing them on the ...

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Parties Deal With a Shifting Election

Overnight, then Senate Majority Leader Howard Baker once said, can be a lifetime in politics. And we have seen that this election cycle already–with the Mark Foley scandal affecting House races around the country. Put that on top of the war in Iraq, questions about the economy, and an unpopular ...

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Is All Politics Local?

That's going to be the interesting question to watch this campaign year, and no one really knows–not yet, at least. To wit: Do the national polls, which show a distrust for Republicans, an interest in changing control of the Congress, and a widespread dislike for the war in Iraq, mean that the ...

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So, Now What?

After a week of playing the blame-game in the saga over who-knew-what about former Rep. Mark Foley and the page scandal, the Republicans have finally hit upon a strategy: Keep House Speaker Dennis Hastert, and hunker down. There are a few reasons they decided not to throw Hastert to the wolves:

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