Gloria Borger

July 2006

Time for Congress to leave town

There are fewer things more distasteful to watch than a Congress trying to get out of town before a long recess leading into a hotly contested midterm election. It's always full of craven declarations of accomplishment, not to mention midnight meetings about ways to pass bills that look good and ...

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Lieberman, Clinton: The hug

Waterbury, Conn.--Liberal Democrats in Connecticut are having a great time these days accusing Sen. Joe Lieberman of hugging--even kissing--President Bush. But Bill Clinton is the man Lieberman is really embracing.

At a rally here yesterday, Lieberman took pains to point out that he was the first ...

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Just wait for the Democrats to raise the stem cell issue

This close to an election, it's rare that one party–led by the president–hands the other party an issue on a silver platter. Yet the president's veto this week–against increased funding for embryonic stem cell research, approved by a majority of both houses of Congress–does just that. Imagine this:

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A GOP detour slows Voting Rights Act

It was supposed to be a slam-dunk–which is why House Republican leaders originally decided to bring up the 1965 Voting Rights Act for renewal a full year before parts of it expire. After all, Republicans had been criticized for being anti-immigrant during the contentious debate over immigration ...

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The Voting Rights Act no-brainer

It's a no-brainer, right? The Voting Rights Act, that bedrock of civil liberties passed in 1965, helped to end discrimination at the polls, not to mention to elect minority members of Congress. Up for renewal this year, it was placed on the docket before the July 4 congressional break by ...

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