Enough pandering already

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Just when you thought it was impossible to top the blatant pandering to the GOP base (i.e. votes on the flag burning amendment and gay marriage ban), there comes this heart-stopping press release from House GOP leaders announcing something called an "American Values Agenda." And just what would that agenda be? Immigration reform? Healthcare for all? Social Security reform?

Guess again. It's about the burning issues of freedom to display the American flag, the right to bear arms (thought we already had that), the "dignity of human life," and protecting the Pledge of Allegiance. None of these issues, mind you, are tops on American minds–like the war or like gas prices. In fact, voters rate "moral values" or "family values" at only 2 percent of the key issues facing the country today. While some GOP base voters may consider these issues important, most Americans are more worried about how we're going to heat our homes this winter.

But never mind. This is an election year. And it's a midterm election year, which is all about galvanizing your base of support to go out and vote. Republicans weren't born yesterday, and they know this may well be the only way to keep control of the House. So, hey, why not try it? It doesn't matter that the approval rating of the institution has been driven down to a paltry 26 percent. This is about making sure that if anyone turns out to vote, it's your supporters.

Maybe, just maybe, they will see through this pander. Then again, maybe not.