Gloria Borger

June 2006

Enough pandering already

Just when you thought it was impossible to top the blatant pandering to the GOP base (i.e. votes on the flag burning amendment and gay marriage ban), there comes this heart-stopping press release from House GOP leaders announcing something called an "American Values Agenda." And just what would ...

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The first Democratic primary

Never underestimate the Democrats' ability to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. The war in Iraq is increasingly unpopular, as is the president–and the Republicans decided they needed to find a way to frame the debate.

The convenient, made-for-bumper-sticker slogan was easy: The Democrats want ...

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Safavian first to fall in Abramoff scandal

It's the first conviction in the Jack Abramoff corruption scandal that leads directly into the administration–and one source close to the investigation tells me that this means more shoes will drop, and probably quickly.

The jury verdict found that David Safavian–a former top official with the ...

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Congress's Iraq resolution: Political silliness

When is enough enough? Last week, it was gay marriage. Next week, it's flag burning. But today (and yesterday), there was congressional silliness about a dead serious issue–Iraq. The Republican-led House adopted a resolution calling for a continuing presence in Iraq, 256 to 153, with 42 Democrats ...

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On reporting the Rove investigation

It's been 2 1/2 years since Special Counsel Patrick Fitzgerald was appointed to look into who–if anyone–knowingly leaked the name of covert CIA operative, Valerie Plame, to the press. The CIA leak investigation has been reported–and mis-reported, mostly on some notorious blogs–in excruciating ...

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Red meat (gay marriage) for the Republican base

It's a predictable political move: You're low in the polls and worried that your own loyal voters might stay home. Time to throw some red meat to the party base. This week, it's gay marriage.

Even by Washington political standards, the pander is blatant. The president makes a statement reaffirming ...

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Team Abramoff on the witness stand

If there were a key to not being caught up in the excesses of Washington lobbying, maybe it's this: Don't learn how to play golf. In a federal courtroom this week in Washington, former General Services Administration official David Safavian is on trial for allegedly accepting favors from the ...

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