Gloria Borger

May 2006

Being close to the story

I don't usually write about personal stuff on the Web (or for the magazine, for that matter), but I'm breaking that rule today to write about three of my reporting colleagues–from CBS News, two of whom were killed yesterday, and one of whom remains in critical condition after being hit by a ...

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Admitting mistakes

If ever George W. Bush had an ally, it would be Tony Blair. The men have been through it all together–entry into the war in Iraq, managing the problems of the war, and handling the dropping poll numbers at home as a result of the war.

So last night it was interesting to watch the two men do a ...

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Caught red-handed on Capitol Hill

Even by Washington standards, the FBI affidavit about the travels–and schemes–of Democratic Rep. William Jefferson of Louisiana is remarkable. I mean, when the feds decide–for the first time in history–to raid a member of Congress's office, they had better have the goods on the guy.

At least that's ...

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A Hail Mary pass on immigration

In a way, President Bush had no other choice on immigration: He was losing conservative Republicans, the Democrats had made it clear they would like the issue for the fall election, and the Senate was about to vote. As a Texan, Bush had always kept the immigration issue near and dear to his ...

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On Congress

Let's face it: Members of Congress are not exactly popular these days. In the latest CBS News poll, congressional approval is down to a measly 23 percent. That's not exactly inspiring if you are an incumbent, which is why so many of them have been trying to find ways to pander to voters.

But if ...

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