Gloria Borger

April 2006

Changes at the top

For those of you who know little about President Bush, allow me the opportunity to explain one thing: The more people clamor for change, the less likely he is to do it. In fact, if White House Chief of Staff Andrew Card hadn't gone in to the president and offered his own resignation–more than ...

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GOP: in the driver's seat but not steering

Politically speaking, the guy can't get no respect. Even though President Bush is on a very acceptable–even popular–side of the immigration issue (i.e., supporting a guest-worker program), he doesn't get any credit for it: According to a CBS News poll released yesterday, 53 percent of Americans ...

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Bush: the hypocritical leaker

At the very least, it's an embarrassment for an administration that prides itself on secrecy: Vice President Cheney's former chief of staff, Scooter Libby, says that the president himself authorized leaking a classified document to make the case that Iraq had a nuclear weapons program. Of course,

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The Hammer nails himself

In a way, it wasn't much of a surprise. After former House Majority Leader Tom DeLay won his three-way primary handily last month, his friends saw it as vindication. And, in a way, it was–he was a winner among Republicans. But once that faded–and one of his former top aides pleaded guilty to ...

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