Gloria Borger

March 2006

The latest on DeLay: It's uh-oh time

When the Justice Department devotes almost 20 agents to a case, you know something is up. And this morning, the noose seemed to be tightening around the neck of former Majority Leader Tom DeLay: His former deputy chief of staff, Tony Rudy, pleaded guilty to conspiracy in District Court, admitting ...

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Bolten's task: a bottom-up review

In naming Josh Bolten as White House chief of staff, the president has taken the route of predictability and continuity–which comes as no surprise to anyone who has known him and worked with him.

After all, Bolten is a known–and very well respected–commodity. Not only did he serve as domestic policy ...

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Advisers let Bush be Bush

It's very clear, from watching the president perform at his press conference today, that his staff has made a decision: Put the president out there so he can show his passion on Iraq. That's why he has been answering unscreened questions as he travels around the country lately, and that's why he ...

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In Memphis, GOP raises the curtain for '08 race

MEMPHIS–It was hard to believe–and kind of scary, in fact–that more than two years before the next presidential election, there I was, at a Republican straw poll with a host of GOP presidential wannabes: Sens. Bill Frist, John McCain, George Allen, and Sam Brownback; and Govs. Mike Huckabee and ...

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Polls and pols leave Bush weak in port fight

Earlier this week, I wrote about the Republican split with the president on national security–and there it was again yesterday, when a House committee–by an overwhelming margin–voted to reverse an administration decision to allow a Dubai company's management of six U.S. ports. The political stench ...

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Bush's empty political piggy bank

When George W. Bush was first re-elected, he told the American people that he had an awful lot of political capital and that he intended to spend it. And, in a way, he tried–with Social Security reform, a plan that fell flat on its face.

Sixteen months later, that political piggy bank is busted.

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