Gloria Borger

February 2006

Port became a storm because no one knew

The Dubai port story was actually written about in late October, but until Sen. Chuck Schumer of New York started talking about it, no one actually noticed (press included) until a bit over a week ago. Then all hell broke loose.

But here's the real problem: No one knew about it. Not the president,

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Seniors need drug-plan information, not politics

I don't usually personalize stories this way, but this time, I will: My mom, a smart and sprightly senior citizen (she would never forgive me if I told you her age!), has not yet even inquired about whether she might be eligible for the new Medicare prescription drug benefit. I have asked her about ...

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Bush, Katrina, and bursting the bubble

As we all sadly know by now, in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina there is plenty of blame to go around–at the local, state, and federal levels.

The mayor of New Orleans was sadly out of his depth when it came to handling a disaster of this size. So, too, it turns out, was Louisiana Gov. Kathleen ...

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