Gloria Borger

January 2006

Cleaning up the Hill — again

Every decade or so, Congress seems to need to self-correct. Last time around, it was the House banking and post office scandals. This time, it's the Jack Abramoff congressional bribery scandal. When you compare the two, the notion of some members stealing stamps from the House post office almost ...

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Who'll be the parents after House GOP's family crisis?

It's of more than passing interest to note that House Speaker Dennis Hastert decided to cancel a trip to India (dare we say a "fact finding" excursion?) to come back to Washington. Why did he return, especially since Congress is not in session? For two reasons: First, he decided he had to put the ...

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Seizing reform after the sleaze

In the wake of the Jack Abramoff plea agreement earlier this week, members stampeded to return his direct contributions–and even some supplied by his Indian tribe clients–as if that were a way to completely distance themselves from the sleaze. It was a great week for charitable giving, with House ...

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