Michael Barone

February 2007

Rudy Takes the Lead

The latest Gallup/USAToday poll shows Rudy Giuliani with a big lead in the race

for the Republican nomination. Giuliani gets 40 percent to 24 percent for JohnMcCain, 9 for Newt Gingrich, 5 for Mitt Romney, and 3 for Sam Brownback. Othersget 2 percent or less. Caution: There were only 425 Republican ...

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Iraq war (2003-2011)
Kennedy, John
Kennedy, Joseph
Clinton, Hillary
New York
Feith, Douglas
Kennedy, Robert
Giuliani, Rudolph
Clinton, Bill
McCain, John
Gingrich, Newt
Romney, Mitt
Brownback, Sam
2008 presidential election
Washington Post

Healthcare Legislation in This Congress?

My U.S. News column this week is about President Bush's healthcare proposal and Oregon Democratic Sen. Ron Wyden's interesting response. Now Wyden and nine other senators, five Democrats and five Republicans, have sent the following letter to Bush. Very interesting.

In addition to Wyden, the letter ...

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Bush, George W.
Wyden, Ron
Bennett, Robert
health care
Thune, John
Conrad, Kent
Kohl, Herb
Lott, Trent
Crapo, Mike
Salazar, Ken
Cantwell, Maria
DeMint, Jim
health care reform

Let's Hear It for the AMT

Ruth Marcus has a good column in today's Washington Post on the alternative minimum tax, which she calls "Bush's stealth tax increase." It's accompanied, in the print edition and online, with a table that shows the percentage of tax cuts taken back by the AMT. The biggest hit is taken by people in ...

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income tax
Amazon jungle

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