Michael Barone

July 2008

Latest Presidential Polls Show a New List of Target States for Obama and McCain

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The presidential race seems to be tightening, at least according to the two tracking polls. The Rasmussen tracking poll showed Barack Obama in a statistical tie with John McCain last weekend; the latest numbers show Obama ahead 47 percent to 44 percent. Here is Scott Rasmussen's nut paragraph:

A ...

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McCain, John
Obama, Barack
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2008 presidential election

We're Not Leaving Iraq

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Sixty years ago this month, the top story in campaign year 1948 was not the big poll lead of Republican nominee Thomas Dewey or the plight of President Harry Truman. It was the Berlin airlift. On June 23, the Soviets cut off land access to West Berlin. Gen. Lucius Clay, the military governor in ...

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Bush, George W.
Truman, Harry S

Housing, the Subprime Mortgage Crisis and the Enduring Resilience of the U.S. Economy

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A year ago last month, I attended two international conferences, in Istanbul and Oxfordshire, England, that concentrated on the economy. The consensus was that there was a capital surplus around the world, with people looking desperately for places to invest and not demanding much in the way of a ...

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