More on Clinton and Obama's Jacksonian, Academic Divide

Massachusetts primary results illustrate demographic preferences.

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A fellow aficionado of election statistics has directed me to this city-and-town map of the Democratic primary results in Massachusetts. Click on any city or town and you'll get the percentages for Clinton and Obama. Note that Obama does not get extremely high percentages in high-income suburbs. He runs no better than even in Newton, for example. One reason: There are many Jewish voters there, and Clinton has tended to run ahead, often well ahead, of Obama among Jews. In contrast, Obama did much better in college towns—66 percent in Amherst, 60 percent in Williamstown, 63 percent in Cambridge. Clinton won 74 percent in Lawrence, an old shoe manufacturing town with many Latinos; she got 77 percent in Fall River and 70 percent in New Bedford, which has a high Portuguese population. And here's an interesting contrast. Provincetown, where the large majority of single-sex marriages have been of men, voted 63 percent for Clinton. Northampton, where the large majority of single-sex marriages have been of women, voted 58 percent for Obama. Do gay men tend to support Clinton and gay women tend to support Obama?

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