A Look Ahead at South Carolina

Polls show mixed results for the South Carolina Republican primary.

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Scott Rasmussen polled South Carolina on Sunday night and again on Wednesday night, after the New Hampshire results were in. I'm also including his December 16 poll in the state. The score:


This is more evidence that McCain made significant gains over the Christmas season and suggests that he got a bounce in Iowa. Huckabee has found a sizable constituency, while Romney after his "two silvers" has been unable to maintain the support he found in December. Thompson, who's been campaigning in South Carolina, is not yet moving there.

Two other polls, by Insider Advantage and SurveyUSA, taken between Iowa and New Hampshire, show Huckabee with a sizable lead. The Realclearpolitics.com average is Huckabee, 31; McCain, 22; Romney, 16; Thompson, 9; and Giuliani, 8. One possible reason for the difference: Rasmussen imposes a tighter screen than do most other pollsters.