Rethinking Immigration Reform and School Diversity


The immigration bill

This is my Creators Syndicate column this week, on the collapse of the immigration bill and what those of us who favor its basic thrust need to do next.

The best comment on the Louisville and Seattle school cases—and Chicago as the center of the new media revolution circa 1932

Read this brilliant column by Juan Williams in the New York Times. The whole thing. Williams puts this decision in historic context and shows us the way to create a better nation in the years ahead. Juan is an old friend whose office I took over when I joined the editorial-page staff at the Washington Post in 1982 (he moved to the newsroom) and with whom I have appeared many times on Fox News Channel. His book  Enough is a national service, and so is this column.

Juan and I will be among the speakers tonight at the Museum of Broadcast Communications event in Chicago commemorating the 75th anniversary of Franklin Roosevelt’s flight to Chicago and acceptance speech to the 1932 Democratic National Convention. Tune in to the webcast if you can’t make it in person. The museum is headquartered in Chicago, which is appropriate, because Chicago radio stations in the 1920s were the great pioneers in broadcasting, originating the situation comedy, the sports broadcast, and the national convention broadcast. Among their listeners: a boy in Dixon, Ill., 100 miles to the west, where clear-channel Chicago stations like WLS and WCFL came through strong, named Ronald Reagan. Who, after graduating from Eureka College in downstate Illinois in 1932, hitchhiked to Chicago in that economically grim year and walked into the offices of WLS seeking a job as a radio announcer. Just about the same time that Roosevelt came flying in from Albany to deliver his precedent-shattering speech. Notes on Our First Revolution

    Trolling through the Web, I found an interesting blog post on a review by Anarchist Flamethrower. I’m not sure whether he’ll like the book, but he says he’s going to buy it. Here’s a similar link from Kruse Kronicle.