Michael Barone

April 2007

Nonagenarian Columnists

Speaking of nonagenarian newspaper columnists, as I was last week, you should know if you don't know already that Arnold Beichman is still going strong. You can read his columns regularly in, among other places, the Washington Times. Beichman was born on May 17, 1913, some 16 days before W.F.

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The Virginia Tech Murders

Correction: An earlier version of this post misidentified the location of a mass killing that took place at Appalachian School of Law.

What can one say about the Virginia Tech murders? My reaction is the same as just about everyone's: profound sadness and sympathy for those who have suffered loss.

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gun control and gun rights
school shootings

An iPod in Every Pocket

The economy of my home state of Michigan is in dreadful shape. The state has lost jobs pretty steadily since 2000, and in 2005-06 it was evidently one of only three states to lose jobs. The other two, Louisiana and Mississippi, had a hurricane. Michigan has the Big Three auto companies, which are ...

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Apple Inc.

The Changing Republican Race

The possible entry of Fred Thompson into the Republican presidential race seems to have changed the standings. The USA Today/Gallup poll taken March 23-25 shows Rudy Giuliani with 31 percent of the vote, down from 44 percent March 2-4, and Thompson, a new name on the list, at 12 percent. Similar ...

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Gingrich, Newt
Romney, Mitt
U.S. Attorneys
Thompson, Fred
Giuliani, Rudolph
Paul, Ron
2008 presidential election
2004 presidential election
McCain, John
Thompson, Tommy
Bush, George W.

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