Congressional Districts and Taxes–Who Pays the Most and Least?


Here's a fascinating item from the Tax Foundation, which has calculated the average rate of income tax paid in each congressional district and county. Of the top 10 congressional districts, five have Democratic congressmen and five Republican. But only three–Texas 32 and 17 and New Jersey 11– voted for George W. Bush in 2004. As the Tax Foundation's Gerald Prante notes, Democrats tend to represent the highest- and lowest-income tax districts. Just a few blocks north of New York 14 (East Side of Manhattan), the highest tax district in the country, is New York 16 (South Bronx), which gets more in refundable tax credits (like the earned income tax credit) than it pays out in taxes. Similarly, the following counties actually take in more from refundable credits than they pay in income taxes: Quitman, Miss. (Delta); Maverick, Texas (border); Todd, S.D. (Sioux reservation); Noxubee, Miss. (black majority); Holmes, Miss. (Delta); Hudspeth, Texas (east of El Paso, border); Shannon, S.D. (Sioux reservation); Zavala, Texas (border); Issaquena, Miss. (Delta); and Starr, Texas (border).

Blogger Embed in Iraq

Here's Glenn Reynolds's and Helen Smith's podcast interview with embedded blogger Michael Yon in Iraq.