Michael Barone

January 2007

More on the Pipes-Livingstone Debate

Here's a video of the debate last week between London Mayor KenLivingstone and Daniel Pipes, and also their seconds, Salma Yaqoob and the formidable Douglas Murray. I haven't had a chance to watch it yet but am looking forward.

Deborah Orin

I was very sad to hear that Deborah Orin died over the ...

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Live Reactions to the State of the Union Address

Ending on a Good Note

10:08: Fox is broadcasting the audio of members talking to the president. Cliff Stearns of Florida tells him the best line was "We did not vote for failure." I'd love a transcript of this; can't take it all down fast enough. One woman member--I think it's freshman Minnesota ...

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Bush, George W.
Stearns, Cliff
Bachmann, Michele
Ros-Lehtinen, Ileana
Harkin, Tom
Feingold, Russ
Leahy, Pat
State of the Union
Clinton, Hillary
McCain, John
Pelosi, Nancy
Wyden, Ron

Pajamas Media Straw Poll

Pajamas Media is running a weekly straw poll on the Republican and Democratic presidential nominations. You can vote for both Democrats and Republicans. The sample is obviously not representative of the general public and undoubtedly leans to the pro-Iraq war right, but the results are interesting ...

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Obama, Barack
Richardson, Bill
Kucinich, Dennis
Clinton, Hillary
Vilsack, Tom
Giuliani, Rudolph
McCain, John
Gingrich, Newt
Romney, Mitt

Net Internal Migration

That's the term the Census Bureau uses to describe the net number of people leaving or moving into a state or county; the other components of population increase/decrease are natural increase (the number of births minus the number of deaths) and international migration. The net internal migration ...

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Census Bureau

Partisanship in the House

I find it a little surprising, but not so dismaying as the Washington Post does, that the incoming House Democratic leadership has decided to try to pass its "100 hours" legislation without holding committee hearings or allowing Republican alternatives to be taken to the floor. Back in January ...

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House of Representatives

Happy New Year

Two happy developments late last year.

The first, and surely the more important, is the apparent rapid success of the Ethiopian Army in defeating the al Qaeda-linked Council of Islamic Courts front that seemed to be in control of much of Somalia, including the capital of Mogadishu. Now the ...

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Duke University

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