Michael Barone

July 2006

Blueprint's new idea

One of the best political magazines around is the Democratic Leadership Council's bimonthly Blueprint, edited by my former U.S. News colleague Peter Ross Range. This month's issue has several thoughtful and interesting articles. I'd like to focus on one, Austan Goolsbee's "Democratic Capitalism."

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Trade talks in ruins — powerful farmers win; most others lose

This has been a big news week. Israel's campaign against Hezbollah in Lebanon continues into its third week, and Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice continues to resist calls to negotiate a cease-fire. Rep. Mike Pence and Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison brought forward an immigration bill, with border ...

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comments on the apparent sock-puppetry of one Glenn Greenwald, a liberal blogger who under his own name has been writing disparaging things about Reynolds. If you follow the links, I think you'll find the evidence that Greenwald is indulging in sock-puppetry pretty convincing. Here's Reynolds's ...

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A North American update on elections elsewhere

Mexico: What accounts for the durability of the PRI system, which lasted from 1929 to 2000? Under that system, each president served just one six-year term and in his sixth year chose his successor, who became the PRI candidate. The nominee was said to have been chosen by dedazo, by his ...

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More on Mexico's election

Here's a link to my U.S. News column on the Mexican election, in which I try to put it in a Latin American and in a North American perspective. Bottom line: Not all of Latin America is turning left, and all three countries covered by the North American Free Trade Agreement now have and will have ...

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British politics back to normal

I have been observing British politics since the early 1960s, and I have noticed a common pattern: Until the 1990s, the party in power has most of the time been behind in the polls.

It struck me that Brits had some visceral sense that expressing disapproval in polls placed some limits on the prime ...

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When only criminals have guns

Via Instapundit: Last week, the Independence Institute released a new Issue Backgrounder, "Human Rights Atrocities: The Consequences of United Nations Gun Confiscation in East Africa." Written by Dave Kopel, Paul Gallant, and Joanne Eisen, the paper details how U.N.-backed gun confiscation ...

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More on the vote in Mexico

When you drive north from Mexico City toward the city of Querétaro, you notice a big change when you pass out of the states of Mexico and Hidalgo into the state of Querétaro: The road in Querétaro is wider, smoother, much better paved.

That's not accidental. The boundary ...

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Morning update— 9:50 a.m.

The IFE Web site now shows results from 96% of precincts and 37.8 million votes, with Calderón still ahead by 396,000 votes: Calderon 36.4, Lopez Obrador 35.4, Madrazo 21.4. It looks like fewer than 40 million votes were cast.

Madrazo obviously benefited from late-reporting returns from ...

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Mexican election blog

It's Sunday evening in Mexico City, and I am watching the election returns from my hotel room at the Four Seasons, across the Paseo de la Reforma from the Marquis Reforma, where López Obrador is spending the election evening. I am also checking the website of IFE, the nonpartisan electoral ...

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