Iraq bloggers nail mainstream media


In surfing through some of my favorite websites this morning, I came across references to these interesting articles on Iraq.

Instapundit's Glenn Reynolds links to Austin Bay's analysis of the silent war against Moqtada al-Sadr. Bay builds his analysis on his own observations when called up for active duty in Iraq. Glenn also links to Bay's blog on this subject. . Bay points to the constructive role played by Ayatollah Sistani, who in my opinion is a better candidate for the Nobel Peace Prize than many recent selections.

The indefatigable Ed Morrissey nails a slanted Washington Post story on the analysis of trailers found in Iraq in 2003 and the possibility that they were used in weapons of mass destruction programs. This is just one of many examples of biased mainstream media reporting. In World War II American media wanted us to win; it's hard to avoid the conclusion that major parts of today's mainstream media want us to lose.

And here's a Power Line deconstruction of a Washington Post story that suggests it's somehow illegitimate for the American military to attempt to criticize Zarqawi. Another example of vicious anti-American bias on the part of mainstream media.

Thank goodness we have brilliant bloggers to nail MSM when necessary.