NBC targets NASCAR


This is a perfectly wonderful story. NBC recruited Muslims to dress in Muslim garb at NASCAR events in order to film them being discriminated against. Michelle Malkin has the links here, via Instapundit.

Of course, the subtext of all this is the idea implanted deep in the heads of old media people that ordinary Americans are a horde of bigots, always ready to pounce upon virtuous people of color, blah, blah, blah.

The funny thing is that NBC broadcasts some NASCAR events—and does so, evidently, with a condescension that NASCAR fans find infuriating. No surprise: The self-righteous bigots of the Upper West and Upper East sides of Manhattan are always ready to patronize and look down on the people from whom they make their living. And these people wonder why they are losing their audience.

General Electric owns NBC. I wonder what GE CEO Jeffrey Immelt thinks of the self-righteous, anti-American bigots who are on his payroll. Maybe someone should ask him.

American elites—like the half-wits who got Yale to admit the Taliban spokesman—are always ready to think the worst of the ordinary people who make this such a great country. Here's John Fund's latest on the Yale/Taliban story, and here's an archive of his earlier stories.

It seems a former CBS cameraman and a couple of clueless trust-funders in Jackson Hole are behind this fiasco. It would be nice if we could deport these people to some place where they might feel more at home, like France. Why do so many rich Americans hate America?