Offensive cartoon?

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The Washington Post ran the following editorial cartoon by its left-wing cartoonist, Tom Toles. His sketch of a wounded soldier evidently prompted outrage from the Joint Chiefs of Staff, who sent this letter to the Post; the Post ran it Thursday. It's a stinging rebuke.

Here's an article on the letter by the paper's media reporter, Howard Kurtz. I was on the Post's editorial page staff from 1982 to 1989 when Meg Greenfield was editorial page editor. I remember her saying that she had the right to approve the editorial cartoons of Herblock, the paper's cartoonist from 1946 to 2002, but that she almost never even suggested a change—though she said she supposed she would have to if he drew Nixon as Hitler. She said that he seemed to take umbrage at even a suggestion. Evidently Fred Hiatt—who in my opinion has been doing a superb job as editorial page editor—has the same kind of relationship with Toles.

It is, I think, a highly unusual thing for all six members of the Joint Chiefs of Staff to make such a protest.