Where did all those evil Medicaid cuts come from?

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House Democrats have been assailing House Republicans for alleged cuts—actually, decreases in spending growth—in Medicaid. The debate was full of the unedifying rhetoric that is the staple of two-minute tirades in the House. But where did the idea for those Medicaid "cuts" come from? Washington Post reporter Jonathan Weisman, in a front-page story, provides the answer. It turns out it's the governors, of both political parties, who want to cut Medicaid spending growth. Medicaid is eating up state budgets and crowding out other spending, and the governors are the ones who are faced with the practical problem of what to do about it. I haven't always been a fan of Weisman's reporting. But here he has done a good job of putting together two related stories—the debate in the House and the governors' initiative—and enabling readers to understand what is at stake here.