British understatement

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Here are the last two paragraphs in a Times of London story about a debate between David Cameron and David Davis, the two candidates for leader of the Conservative Party.

"Meanwhile, there was mild embarrassment for David Cameron after it emerged that a thief had broken into an aide's Mercedes and stolen a sheaf of papers outlining his battle plans for the leadership.

"The papers were subsequently retrieved from a hedge near to the car park in Christchurch, Dorset, the thief having apparently dumped them after regarding them as worthless."

This is something to keep in mind next time you see a story about a staffer for one campaign listening in to an opposition's conference call or one campaign purloining the opposition's briefing books. If you're any good at the campaign business, you should be able to figure out pretty much what the other side is likely to do, and such documents are worth very little. And if you're not in the campaign business, as evidently was the case here, they're worthless.