Whatever happened to Kyoto?

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It failed. But you don't read much about it in mainstream media. At the G8 summit Tony Blair essentially moved away from Kyoto, and it's apparent that the European countries will not meet their emissions targets. Here's the latest on Blair, from the left-wing Guardian, via www.instapundit.com. As Glenn Reynolds of Instapundit writes, "Since it's quite clear that the U.S. will never ratify Kyoto, and Europe will never actually abide by it, it's time for some rethinking." Kyoto, by the way, expires in 2012, in just seven years. In 1998 the Senate voted 98-0 for the Byrd-Hagel amendment, which rejected any emissions agreement that doesn't limit Third World countries like China and India—a key provision of Kyoto.

Reynolds is right about the rethinking, and George W. Bush has actually done some. The recent agreementbetween the United States and Australia, China Japan, India, and South Korea is the result. . But you didn't read a whole lot about that in mainstream media. They're stuck in the mindset of Kyoto=good, Bush=bad. Mustn't interfere with the story line.