Liberal lobby applauds Bush

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For some time now, I have been on the E-mail list of the National Low Income Housing Coalition. It's a generally liberal group, so I was surprised to read today that it is praising, with some reservations, the Bush administration's proposals for housing evacuees from Hurricanes Katrina and Rita.

It specifically endorses the idea of giving evacuees choices rather than putting them in mass trailer parks. This is in line with Bush's broader policy of changing government to provide citizens more choice and accountability. It's also in line with NLIHC's support of housing vouchers, as evident in this earlier press release. Two and three generations ago, liberals supported large public housing projects. Most of those turned out to be dismal failures, and very many have been torn down. Now liberals like the NLIHC and conservatives like George W. Bush seem to have ended up in roughly the same place on the issue at hand, housing for hurricane evacuees. Interesting.