Racial differences of opinion

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Here's an uncomfortable subject: Why do black Americans see some issues so totally differently from the way nonblack Americans see them?

The obvious examples before us are the polls that show large majorities of blacks saying that the Bush administration slowed relief to Katrina victims because so many of them were black, and large majorities of whites saying just the opposite. (Pause for factual note: Most Katrina victims, of course, were white: Orleans Parish has a black majority, but the other Louisiana parishes and the Mississippi and Alabama counties hit by Katrina have white majorities.) Here are results from a USA Today/CNN/Gallup poll conducted September 8 to 11.

Just your best guess, do you think one reason the federal government was slow in rescuing these people was because many of them were black, or was that not a reason?

Yes, was a reasonNo, was notNo opinion Blacks--- 2005 Sep 8-1160%37%3% Non-Hispanic Whites--- 2005 Sep 8-1112%86%2% I am reminded of the polls taken immediately after O.J. Simpson's criminal trial, which showed that a large majority of blacks thought he was not guilty and a larger majority of whites thought he was guilty. At the time, I wondered whether black respondents really believed he had not killed his wife or whether they were just expressing something in the nature of solidarity with him. Looking at results like these, I wonder something similar: Aren't these black respondents just expressing their dislike or even hatred for George W. Bush, rather than embracing the absurd position that the federal government would move slowly to rescue people because many of them—many, not most, as Gallup was careful to ask—were black?