How metro New Orleans voted

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For those who are interested, here is how metro New Orleans voted in 2004. The totals were calculated from Dave Leip's Election Atlas.

George W. Bush291,66249.8% John Kerry289,11649.3% Total585,911- Orleans Parish voted heavily (77%) for Kerry. But the suburban parishes voted for Bush: Jefferson (62%), St. Tammany (75%), St. Bernard (66%), St. Charles (62%), and Plaquemines (65%). Two parishes on the Mississippi River with large petrochemical complexes that are included in the New Orleans metropolitan area cast small majorities for Kerry: St. John the Baptist (53%) and St. James (58%). So metro New Orleans, with all its distinctiveness, voted pretty close to the national average of 51%-48% Bush.

The Gulf Coast of Mississippi, in contrast, voted heavily for Bush. The numbers are for Harrison, Hancock, and Jackson counties.

George W. Bush87,41866.1% John Kerry43,75533.1% Total132,185-And here is the Gulf Coast of Alabama, Mobile and Baldwin counties.

George W. Bush144,98564.1% John Kerry79,33135.1% Total226,091-