Mainstream media bias (exhibit No. 1,248,391)

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In Tuesday's Washington Post, on page A4, the following appears under the heading Washington in Brief.

"The company is owned by Bob Perry, a Republican Party financial donor who gained notoriety last year as the chief financial backer of Swift Boat Veterans for Truth, whose ads criticized the Vietnam War record of Democratic challenger John F. Kerry."

Gained notoriety? Does anyone believe that the Washington Post would write that George Soros "gained notoriety" as one of the chief funders of Americans Coming Together? Evidently the reporter or editor who wrote this line is operating under the impression that the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth's charges were proved to be false. But that is not the case. The SBVT charge that John Kerry lied when he said that he was in Cambodia during Christmastime 1968 was proved correct when the Kerry campaign in August 2004 conceded that he had not. Nor were Kerry's Christmas-in-Cambodia claims made idly. He repeated them in the Boston Herald in 1979, on the floor of the Senate in 1986 and to the Associated Press in 1993. On the Senate floor he said the episode was "seared—seared in my memory."

I asked a friend who is a partner in a large law firm if his firm would make managing partner a man who lied on several solemn occasions about having served in Cambodia in Christmas 1968. Of course not, he said; that's an important position and we couldn't risk having someone who did something like that. To which I asked, why is the managing partner of your law firm more important than the president of the United States?

Anyway, in the alternative world of the mainstream media the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth's charges were entirely discredited and anyone who financed the group is notorious. It's there in print.