Bring Back the ‘Dollar-a-Year Men’

Getting a group of business leaders to serve our country would be transformative.

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

Government needs more "dollar-a-year" men like New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

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They won't do it for Obama, but they might for the next president. And I have a feeling they would bring a lot of independent voters with them.

Imagine the number of other business executives who would follow them, not only to federal agencies but to the House and Senate. Think of the effect it would have on our wrong-track numbers. Having fiscally conservative business pros who know how to negotiate would go a long way toward turning around our inefficient, outdated, bloated, gridlocked government. Consider the message it would send to young people about the need to serve our country, whether in uniform or not. Imagine what the stock market would do if that level of business leadership came to Washington and the signal such a group would send internationally to our allies and our enemies.

The next Republican nominee for president would be smart to line up a group of public-spirited Fortune 500 leaders willing to serve together in the next administration – and announce it before, not after, the election. And he – or she – should act before Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton does the same thing. l

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