Yes, Working Parents Can Have It All

Authors Sharon Meers and Joanna Strober explain how families can achieve a work-life balance.


What can men learn from your research?

SM: I think the biggest thing is how important they are as fathers. There's a lot of research looking at professional men who really want to be more engaged for their kids. Something like 60-plus percent of them say they want to be equally as involved with their kids as their wife, but something like 25 percent actually are. Both the research and the stories in our book say that everybody's better off if women and men together build homes where men want to be equal partners.

What will surprise readers the most about your book?

JS: How pro-male we are. This is really a book that's supposed to help moms and dads. We want to raise kids together, and we want to work with guys successfully at work. This is not about women being on their own. We want to change the dialogue to partnership and to bring men into the conversation.

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