A Win-Win for Global Health

A program partnering health workers in Rwanda and the U.S. needs to continue.

A child's finger is marked to have proof that he was vaccinated at town of Liboi, Kenya.
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If this spirit of collaboration fails on Dec. 3, we would see a projected $47 billion in additional costs to treat HIV infections that would otherwise have been prevented, an estimated $20 billion in lost global GDP due to malaria, and a significant increase in the number of cases of multi-drug resistant TB, each of which costs tens of thousands of dollars to treat – and each of which poses risks that transcend borders.

Infectious diseases have shown us time and time again that the world is just a little village. The achievements of PEPFAR and the Global Fund, and the launch of new initiatives such as the Human Resources for Health program, show us how much is possible with true solidarity. As my friend Dr. Paul Farmer, co-founder of the nonprofit Partners In Health, likes to say, we live in one world – not three. The time is now to renew our commitments to one another.