Ignore the Halloween Alarmists

There's little reason to worry about chemicals in your kid's costume.

Children trick or treating
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The Journal of the American Medical Association recently published a study entitled "The State of US Health, 1990–2010," which suggested the way to avoid premature death isn't by taking the advice of these alarmists and throwing out all modern products. Rather, the best way to extend life is "through the reduction of key risk factors, such as healthier diets, less smoking, reduced alcohol and drug use, weight loss, and the prevention and treatment of high blood pressure and high blood sugar." Nowhere in the report does it mention limiting one's access to trace levels of chemicals in common, everyday products – like little Johnny's Halloween costume.

So, this Halloween, enjoy the adrenaline rush of the haunted house and the joy of watching your kids trick-or-treat, but put away the alarmism about your child's costume. You don't need to feel spooked all year.

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