Is Iran Killing the U.S. With Kindness?

Obama shouldn't be fooled by the Iranian president's charm offensive.

Iranian President Hassan Rowhani

Iranian President Hasan Rouhani

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President Obama doesn't, and in fact, Iranian nukes constitute one of his "red lines." But  since Obama badly mishandled Syria, including stinging rebukes from both the American people and international community on his unrealistic plan for "limited military action" without anticipating any consequences, Iran knows that time is on its side. Obama's "red lines" just don't carry much weight. The fact that both he and Secretary of State John Kerry have based their careers on anti-war activism helps explain the mixed messages and shaky leadership on using military force in Syria – war is simply not their expertise.

So while it may be appealing to welcome Iran's recent overtures and all sing kumbaya, the U.S. and Europe must not let their guard down. Iran just may "kill us with kindness." Literally.

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