What Made the 2012 Election Tick?

Reporter Dan Balz explains the key factors that led to Obama's victory.

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Why should people who just lived through the election read your book?

The value of a book is that you can take to the sidelines the things that seemed important at the time but in retrospect weren't, and you can focus on the things that are more important. You can tell the story more coherently. There's [also] new reporting in the book. I did a long postelection interview with Gov. Romney, in which he lays out his view of what happened and why. I did interviews with a number of the other people who ran for the Republican nomination, and their thoughts are there for the first time for people to read. There's some fascinating material about the process that Gov. Christie of New Jersey went through before he decided not to run and the pressures he felt. So there is a lot of new material in the book for people who like politics.

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