Battles that Changed History

Professors James Lacey and Williamson Murray explains how 20 historical battles determined the political, cultural and geographic circumstances of today.

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Why should U.S. military leaders read your book?

Military people today tend to look at battles as events of the moment. I doubt that when we went into Iraq or Afghanistan that anyone was saying, "What’s the effect of this going to be 15 or 100 years from now? Are my grandchildren going to be affected by the actions I take today?" The United States government can end the fighting in Syria and destroy the Syrian army in a reasonably short period of time, with a minimal amount of risk. But somebody has to sit back and say, "What’s the world going to look like 10, 15 or 100 years from now because we did that?"

What would surprise readers?

People really want to understand how the world got to where it is today, and this book does a lot of explanation. I think anyone who reads it will think, for example, Wow, I never considered how the Spanish Armada had such an effect on the United States’ development as a country or the role of constitutional law.

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