Outsourcing Dinner to the Lowest Bidder

Why you need to care about who is preparing your food.

Fresh triple decker club sandwich with french fries on side
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And the food service industry is responding by increasingly sourcing sustainably and preparing healthfully — our free-market system is actually quite efficient. These companies and their clients recognize the value in taking a leadership role in favor of higher quality, more nutritious food and beverages. Another reason for optimism is that food service is increasingly becoming a competitive differentiation for a growing number of schools and employers when it comes to recruiting the best and the brightest, who are often the same individuals that value the longer-term implications of the food and beverages they consume.

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Business is the most powerful force on the planet. If we make our food choices based on total cost, and not simply lowest cost, business will respond and give us exactly what we want. After all, it is probably less complicated than getting a man on the moon!

Lawrence Williams is a former executive with SpaceX and is currently the president of the United States Healthful Food Council, a non-profit, non-governmental organization dedicated to fighting obesity, diabetes and other food related diseases.

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