The Supreme Court Isn't All About Politics

Reporter Marcia Coyle explains how recent rulings show the justices aren't as polarized as they seem.


I think we may see one or two retirements before President Obama leaves office. The most likely retirements come from the more moderate to more liberal wing of the court, and I don't think that there would be a major change for the court because right now there are just four justices that comprise that side of the court. If a change came under President Obama from the conservative wing of the court, then that could have a dramatic impact.

What will surprise readers most about this book?

Well, I'm hoping they're going to be surprised that it isn't all politics. They'll have a more nuanced view of how the justices do their jobs. And then, secondarily, I think they're going to be surprised at how much strategizing goes into getting a case before the Supreme Court. They're going to meet a lot of interesting people behind these cases, not just the lawyers, but the clients who the lawyers in some cases actually recruited to bring these cases.

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